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  • Recent FeatureMixed Doubles
  • A magic story that's never the same twice.
  • Recent FeatureLie2Me
  • A catchy little ditty about wars and the lying bastards who start them.
  • Recent FeatureYamabushi
  • A song, a story, a video. And Jim Del Rossi on guitar!
  • Random FeatureSpend the Federal Budget!
  • Go on a $1.26 trillion spending spree! Whoopee! The People are speaking!
  • Random FeatureMan in Perspective
  • From the Bonkworld Lecture Series, a quasi-earnest bit of musing on time, space, and bipedalism. Includes the Early Man Quiz!
  • Random FeatureSheep Suicide
  • When the sheep hits the wall. It happens.

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