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The Amazing Days Alive Calculator

Bonus Poem

We can count up to ten, we can count to a hundred
and these are two numbers that we understand
And we can take one, multiply by the other,
and in this way get ourselves up to a grand

But much more than that and it starts to lose meaning
the mind just can't feel the big numbers it knows
I guess it's just that we get too far away from
our trusty friend old Mister Fingers and Toes

And so we use years when we count up our birthdays
but then there's the problem of having so few
and really it's days we have, that's what we're spending
and every day we get one brand spanking new

So don't let too many days spin off uncounted
This year thing is nonsense, a terrible trap
We hope that each one of your days will be happy
except that there's bound to be some filled with crap


Ever wonder how many days you've been alive?

Please note, this Days Alive Calculator calculates the total number of days you have been alive, NOT the number of days OLD you are. There is a difference of one day. For example, the day you were born was your first day alive on earth. But you're not one day old until 24 hours have passed, i.e., until the next day. Capisce?

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Days Alive Machine


16 August 2013 13:55:47 Stepan62

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6 June 2013 00:33:35 Mark L

5 Million Lines of code for a days alive calculator? I could do it with 50!

5 June 2013 14:02:24 Mark M S

Now I can sing "grind" with my right number. Thanks.

13 February 2013 21:38:00 Kyle

Nvm I just read 6 posts up... Or 7... However you want to count

13 February 2013 21:35:28 Kyle

For my gf birthday this seems to be one day off. Her bday is 9/30/85 and this says her 10,000 day is 2/14/13 when that is actually her 9,999 th. but still many props

30 December 2012 20:15:04 HalestormLover4Ever

I like this website. 5923 days. and tomorrow will be better seeing Halestorm in concert. YAYAYY!!

5 December 2012 20:23:46

i need java code to print out the number of days spent on earth and the month

24 October 2012 13:45:19 Tom

Hilarious, i love it! :D

21 September 2012 23:09:57 Brendan

You guys are the best!

19 September 2012 20:08:55 Brendan

I was wrong it was 3,572.

19 September 2012 17:15:59 John S

Hi Brendan, thanks for visiting. It's actually not off by a day, it's a different calculation. I'll have to put this in bolder print somewhere since I've explained it here in the comments many times. The "Days Alive" calculator calculates the number of individual days you have been on the planet, NOT how many days OLD you are. There is a difference of...(drum roll please)...ONE DAY. For example, you're not one day old until 24 hours have passed, in other words, not until the second day of your life. So, the number of different days you've been here is two, but you are one day old. As for your other questions, well, I think just one day I wondered how many days I'd been alive and decided to make a way of figuring it out, and the website, I don't know, it seemed like a good idea to have a place to put our creative projects!

19 September 2012 16:56:38 Brendan

Hey I just thought of these questions.
1.Will you comment on my first post?
2.How did you come up with this idea?
3.How did you come up with this website?

19 September 2012 16:38:56 Brendan

It's off by a day, everythin else says 3,071. I'm nine, and I was born on 12-10-2002. So I did the math and I'm 117 months 9 days. That makes me 3,071 days old.

24 August 2012 02:26:01 Chris

Today is the 6,447th day of my life, which is the greatest life that anyone has ever lived.

23 July 2012 18:07:44 Chloe

I found out that my 1000th day alive was my sister's first birthday!!! Thanks guys. This is a site I'm telling all my friends about! Love it.

4 June 2012 17:08:52 keve

how about a months alive calculator? :-)

23 May 2012 06:21:47 Aman

Really nice and I loved the bonus poem.. thank you! :)

9 May 2012 02:44:25 Dylan


9 March 2012 08:26:04 Bonga

i need a formula to calculate my days old... please help ASAP

28 February 2012 12:48:52 pecola

i luv this web site it lets me know how manty days i have been on earth and it isz cool its wonderful i luv it so much thanks 2 the inentor

28 February 2012 07:32:52 sarah

5369 days for me :)
Great calculator!

18 February 2012 14:39:44 Beryl

Superb calculator! 21,600 for me today and I've been married for 14,211 of them. Thanks

22 January 2012 10:06:45 mark toleman

17569 days so far thankyou Jesus for yout amazing faithfullness His mercoes are new every morning

14 January 2012 16:45:35 Gracie

I love mee

6 January 2012 12:08:19 John S

Hmmmm....drink 15,000 beers?
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