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The Amazing Days Alive Calculator

Bonus Poem

We can count up to ten, we can count to a hundred
and these are two numbers that we understand
And we can take one, multiply by the other,
and in this way get ourselves up to a grand

But much more than that and it starts to lose meaning
the mind just can't feel the big numbers it knows
I guess it's just that we get too far away from
our trusty friend old Mister Fingers and Toes

And so we use years when we count up our birthdays
but then there's the problem of having so few
and really it's days we have, that's what we're spending
and every day we get one brand spanking new

So don't let too many days spin off uncounted
This year thing is nonsense, a terrible trap
We hope that each one of your days will be happy
except that there's bound to be some filled with crap


Ever wonder how many days you've been alive?

Please note, this Days Alive Calculator calculates the total number of days you have been alive, NOT the number of days OLD you are. There is a difference of one day. For example, the day you were born was your first day alive on earth. But you're not one day old until 24 hours have passed, i.e., until the next day. Capisce?

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Days Alive Machine


3 January 2014 15:44:47 John

Dave: exactly! We get a pretty good-sized pile of days (barring catastrophe) but on the other hand, countable, finite, and way less than a million.

26 December 2013 23:54:47 Dave

When you really think about the number of days you live or will live, to me it shows how short life is. So enjoy life everyday.

23 December 2013 00:11:02 Steve

Just want to say thanks for this website. It is truly awesome.

19 December 2013 20:27:59 Coco

Maybe you should add the seconds day months minutes kind ok thing. That would be COOL!,,😝

17 December 2013 17:25:17 John

Hi Brynn -- yeah, I thought of maybe putting in all the thousands, and it's not a bad idea, and it wouldn't really be hard to do. I was just thinking "major milestones" which I declared in my own head to be 5000 day blocks (after the first 5000). I didn't want to clutter the page up too much either, but I suppose I could "hide" the individual thousands by default, and give you an option to "show more thousands". Hm. OK, I'll put it on my to-do list. Thanks for the idea. More things to celebrate is always good right?

14 December 2013 09:12:35 Brynn

Hey can you put the rest of the thousands in? I mean that after 5 thousand it just skips to 10 and then 15 and so on so I was just wondering if you could put more numbers in between? I mean I know I could just do the math myself online, and you're probably doing that to save space, but it would still be cool to see on here.
Awesome website by the way!

13 December 2013 10:32:20 Ashblossom

shynisty; to figure out the number of hours you've been alive, just go down on the comments section and see Mirko's answer to my question.

24 November 2013 22:54:30 Jada

This makes me feel old

12 November 2013 10:07:35 ahd

wow that was awesome

7 November 2013 14:16:00 shynisty

this is pretty stupid because it told me how many thousands of days ive been alive not the seconds or hours or minuets or even months

7 November 2013 14:13:05 shynisty

this is pretty weird how the computer figured out my whole liftime of thousands of days

28 October 2013 15:03:38 taija


27 October 2013 09:58:51 Ashblossom

Oh, thanks Mirko!

23 October 2013 01:02:49 Nick

OMG that's epic if been Alice for 20,900 days

19 October 2013 11:35:21 Nonnie

Thank for this site! My little guy (almost 2000 days old....) wanted me to give him a billion of something - anything. So I found out how long a billion seconds was....but that wasn't enough. Then I found this site and gave him his alive days instead! :) He loved it!!

27 September 2013 07:08:01 Mirko

Ashblossom, to get the number of hours that you've been alive for you'd have to (a) input the time of day you were born (b) have an algorithm that could then calculate the number of hours - and that would change 24 times over the course of a day.

Simpler though is to find the number of days, multiply that by 24 and, depending on which time of day you were born, the answer will be the result plus any number between -12 and +12, including zero of course.

But, I wouldn't recommend finding the number of hours. The bigger the number the older you'll appear to be, to yourself at least - though you're highly unlikely ever to hit a million!

26 September 2013 14:51:56 Ashblossom

Awesome! I wonder how many hours I've been alive....

21 September 2013 10:59:28 Bindhya

its relly grt wrk.oh my god that mch days..............i ever thnk of this

17 September 2013 05:29:18 Shimmer

This is great

16 September 2013 19:13:25 Alexis

i was so happy to see how many people was born when i was and to see how everyone next to me took it for granted on there perents like on there coputers on there perents to say that they are old so that is what i like i recaomend to tell people around you kk

13 September 2013 16:54:09 BlaisOne

Been using this site for years. It never lets me down. I truly appreciate every day Im around just a little bit more. Thank you Abby and John!

6 September 2013 12:03:02 jamy

Omggggg this is awesome!

31 August 2013 12:16:54 Valery

Worked wonderful thx

27 August 2013 15:51:58 John

Amber, did something go wrong when you tried it? If so let me know what happened and maybe I can help!

24 August 2013 05:28:59 Mirko

Amber, just 3 comments to make:
1. Just what units of time alive did you want?
2. It is certainly not good ETIQUETTE to put all your comments in CAPITALS. Why are you SHOUTING?
3. You might have better luck with a website. A web sight is what I can sometimes see in a corner of my living room.
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