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The Amazing Space Machine

The Moon


2 March 2006 21:41:06 John

"Put it off."

That's the best advice I've ever heard about suicide. Anyway, thanks for checking back and here's a special hello to everyone who comes here from your link! As for what the "auto" in auto-erotic is about, well, you know, it's that thing sometimes people do with their own naughty bits when they've got a bit of free time...

26 February 2006 19:06:42 ross

lol never checked back at guestbook humbled and amazed a webmaster would respond, visit this site when im low got a link to this site from a suicide group on yahoo maybe ur the same guy whats auto btw?

22 October 2005 11:19:29 John

Hmmm, believe it or not I never realized there was any quasi-sexual element to this feature at all, homo, hetero, auto, or otherwise, and I've always assumed I had the dirtiest mind of anybody in the world. But I do see what you mean. Well once you look at it with that in mind it's hard not to see it that way. Not that there's anything wrong with that of course.

My main thing is that I'm always amazing myself thinking about ordinary space facts and trying to get other people to be amazed and they almost always find my banal facts boring and unremarkable. Surely a failure of imagination on their part; I am unshaken in my amazed convictions. Perhaps if I renamed it to "The Strangely Penile Rocket Boy's Journey" then more people would get interested in banal space facts. I'll have to consider it further...

21 October 2005 21:30:58 ross

been here way too many times...still amazing the scale of the whole thing, crazy isnt it..and the boy riding the rocket, gay overload but thats just the homaphobic ,insecure part speaking the overwhelming part of me gives it 5 thumbs up ;) love it tho the last part has far to much text maybe on my third visit ill get past the 1st paragraph keep it up ..oh er:)
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