Added: 30 January 2006

Best Salesman in the World!

"They're made in Switzerland, by the people who make knives for doctors. You don't buy these because they're cheap, you buy them 'cause they're good. I'll show you what my machine'll do. Those slices are so thin you could read through them. Ladies, you garnish his dinner like that, you're on a second honeymoon!"

He's the best salesman in the world.

Update: RIP Joe Ades, the Gentleman Peeler, king of sales. 18 December 1934 - February 1, 2009


23 June 2010 07:04:34 John

His name was Joe Ades. Unfortunately he passed away a year or so ago (but fortunately, we bought five peelers from him before he left us!). He's been profiled in the media a fair bit, with probably the best article being at Vanity Fair:

23 June 2010 02:58:54 Anna

He's very convincing. Amazing! What's the name of this guy?

28 May 2010 19:07:30 Roger

this gent is a true inspiration, determined, passion in the product, creating intrest, and the close i want to grow up to be like him

17 August 2008 21:04:02 John

Ain't he great? He's in New York City, usually around Union Square. He never has an official license so the cops chase him around a bit, but usually they give him a break because he's obviously a classic guy.

16 August 2008 17:48:22 helen

wow...where is this?
He is really an amazing salesman!

31 July 2008 23:57:26 retief

it's give me inspiration to sell something like that . that is hardly imagine how can words works

14 February 2006 13:15:58 Abby

Arnold, you've got a good head on your shoulders!

8 February 2006 10:02:39 Arnold Fetz

I want one too, not because it's cheap, but because it's good.

1 February 2006 06:59:06 Abby

Done! I'll be down at Union Square this very weekend. We buy one every week, actually. It's impossible not to.

1 February 2006 04:56:47 Mutha

Bloody Hell, I want one!
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